Posted by: Kim Wall | November 27, 2009

Tafe Week 19

I started this week with the creation of the wall and floors to my lounge room. I am unsure how to size the walls and floor. I made things more difficult for myself by trying to add a window and entrance at the same time. I found it difficult to negotiate the size of the window as I had no reference point. After several failed attempts I create three walls and a floor and forget about the window and entrance for now. I then added the modular lounge and armchair. After adding these models I have a reference point for the sizing of the other models. I continue to add the rest of the furniture and some accessories. Once I have completed this, I find the room to be too cluttered. I resize the room, I change the width and length over and over again. To try and understand why the room is not feeling right. I feel unsatisfied, I take a look at several online furniture catalogues for some inspiration. I eventually come to the conclusion that the room would look less cluttered if I leave out the two-seater lounge.

Once I was happy with the positioning and the size of the room. I began to add textures to the models. Intillay I had planned the table, shelves and floor to be textured with a lighter coloured wood.


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