Posted by: Kim Wall | December 3, 2009

Tafe Week 19

After I completed the placing and the sizing all of the furniture and accessories, I affix some texture to the models. At first I wanted the furniture and the floor to have a blonde wood appearance. The wooden textures I chose do not compliment each other, they clash. Below is the texture of  the floor I thought I would originally apply.

After much adding and removing of textures I decide to make the furniture glossy white in appearance. After this decision it was quite easy to texture the rest of the room. The greater part of the lounge room and it’s content is made up of the following textures: chrome, white gloss and tan leather. The texture of the walls, were taken from a picture of light stucco and the texture of the floor is a Japanese tatimi mat. I sourced these images from the internet. 

Wall texture.

Floor texture.

Couch texture.

My room is almost complete. All I need to do now is add a window and a roof. I decide I do not want curtains on my window as I want to see out the window, the reflection of the room in the glass and I also want to keep the room looking minimal. 



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